Who are we?

One would definitely expect in a section of this type there to be information about the scientific training of our team. You would expect to read about us being physics, chemistry and environmental science graduates, the tourism management team being graduates in tourism and us having expert accounting staff to manage our customer reservations ... That would, after all, define our capabilities and professional qualifications but what if we were to tell you about "us"?

We are lovers of science; we are a young team of boys and girls who have become adults without losing that sparkle of curiosity in our eyes. We work with only one premise; that our dedicationmakes us happy because we are making other people happy. Looking through an astronomical telescope and looking out to the remotest edge of the abyss that is the universe is quite simply an experience that can change your life as it has changed ours!! We have seen guests jump with excitement when they see the rings of Saturn with their own eyes. We have seen people throw their hands up in amazement on seeing the static collision of two galaxies as if it were a photomontage. We felt the passion of an excited couple who held hands as they listened astounded to the explanations of our monitors on the distance and time in the universe. All this moves us. It makes us happy to know that we are creating memories, happy to share such profound experiences as coming face to face with the cosmos from such remote natural areas.

So you who are reading, we won’t bore you with who we are but we invite you to discover 'what we are like!!’ We are waiting with open arms, ready to help you enjoy yourself like a child.

The AstroÁndalus.com team.

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