Private StarGazing Session. Andujar (Andalusia)

In days gone by it was the place where bandits and outlaws sought refuge, the immensity of the Sierra de Andújar Nature Reserve will surprise you. This is a place for you to indulge in the countryside and to enjoy the amazing night sky.

Price: 160€ (price per person)
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Destinations: Andújar

Type of trip: Getaways, Gastronomic, Astronomy, Gastronomy, Astronomical Tourism, In couple
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The Sierra de Andújar Nature Reserve is a special place, a wild and infinite place, where the oak covered hills and valleys stretch as far as the eye can see. Eagles, vultures, deer and many other species inhabit this area. These lands are also home to the largest population of the Iberian Lynx, the undisputed master of this area.


The dense forests of oak together with the thick undergrowth explain the name of the Sierra Morena (Brown). Indeed, even today, this area is considered the best example of Mediterranean forest on the Iberian Peninsula. In times gone by, the ravines and gorges provided refuge for bandits and outlaws fleeing justice. Sierra Morena was a dangerous place, where travelers could potentially be robbed at every bend in the road. A historical essence permeates the landscape and culture of one of the most spectacular places in Andalusia.  Culture, architecture, nature and astronomy combine to offer those who visit the place a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Meeting at the observation site with the monitor
  • Welcome and introduction to the activity
  • An introductory talk about astronomy
  • Workshop on the recognition of stars and constellations
  • Stargazing using a high quality telescope
  • A toast with a glass of wine under the stars
  • Souvenir astrophotography session

Price based on two people. In case of larger groups (families or friends), please ask for special conditions.
Whatever the season, we recommend bringing comfortable shoes and warm clothes. In case of having a SLR camera, we recommend bringing it with a tripod.
But above all, we recommend that you come eager to enjoy and learn a lot.

A Starlight Reserve is an international certification which is granted only to those places where the night sky remains in impeccable conditions of conservation in terms of darkness. If a given area is certified as a Starlight Reserve, this can be taken as a guarantee of quality, as it means that there is little light pollution, that at least 60% of nights are clear and that the darkness of the night sky is similar to or better than the skies above many professional observatories worldwide. 
           In 2014, Sierra Morena was certified as both a Starlight Reserve and a Starlight Tourist Destination and is currently the largest Starlight Reserve on the planet as it is over 400 km long and contains more than 57 towns and villages. 
Sierra Morena awaits you with its clear dark skies, and here at AstroÁndalus we can prepare the best experiences for you to enjoy this special place.

  • Private stargazing session.
  • Support from a monitor during the activity.
  • Use of a high quality astronomical telescope.
  • Souvenir astrophotography session.
  • Glass of wine or champagne.

Available complements:

  • Dinner before the activity.
  • Accommodation in the area around the observation site.
  • Transfer to the observation site.

  • Any expenses or concept not included in the "including" section.

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