Private StarGazing Session. Malaga (Andalusia)

We invite you to enjoy an exciting getaway in Malaga and an great experience under its starry sky.

Price: 155€ (price per person)
Nights 1
Destinations: Malaga

Type of trip: Getaways
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Currently not available; contact us for more info!

After spending the day visiting Malaga, discovering its museums, culture and gastronomy, we would be delighted to show you how fascinating its sky is. In the heart of a natural environment, far away from the light pollution, a qualified monitor will reveal to you stars, planets and galaxy that you will be able to see by yourself by means of an astronomical telescope.
Enjoy a beautiful night under the stars and learn the secrets of our Universe and how it works. An unique experience you will not forget!

  • Meeting at the observation site with the monitor
  • Welcome and introduction to the activity
  • An introductory talk about astronomy
  • Workshop on the recognition of stars and constellations
  • Stargazing using a high quality telescope
  • A toast with a glass of wine under the stars
  • Souvenir astrophotography session

Price based on two people. In case of larger groups (families or friends), please ask for special conditions.
Whatever the season, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and warm clothes. In case of having a SLR camera, we recommend bringing it with a tripod.
But, above all we recommend that you come eager to enjoy yourself and learn a lot.

  • Private Stargazing session.
  • Support from a monitor during the activity.
  • Use of a high quality astronomical telescope.
  • Souvenir astrophotography session.
  • Glass of wine or champagne.

Available complements:

  • Dinner before the activity.
  • Accommodation in the area around the observation site.
  • Transfer to the observation site.

  • Any expenses or concept not included in the "including" section.
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