Fire in the Sky. September 2019

27 sep - 3 oct. The magic of the aurora borealis, an adventure in the far north of Europe.

Price: 2180€ (price per person)
Nights 6
Destinations: Tromso

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     Vast plains that extend towards infinity in the middle of Lapland, gigantic mountains that plunge steeply into deep fjords, remote and lonely places that glow magically every night under the unique spectacle of the northern lights. We propose a unique trip, full of adventure, which will take you through the far north of Europe through forests of tundra and rocky moorland to discover the power of the Arctic and the green fires of the heavens every night.

      We invite you to join us on an 8-day trip around Norway, Finland and Sweden, packed with activities such as snowshoe walks, a Finnish sauna experience, museums, photography workshops, local cuisine, an evening cruise to see the northern lights to mention just a few.

      You will be accompanied by a specialist guide, a trained scientist who knows the area so as to ensure you do not miss any detail of the magic moment when lights dance and shine on the night sky.

- Departure from Málaga.
- Arrival in Tromsø.
- Settle into accommodation.
- Dinner at the hotel and free night.

- Breakfast in the hotel.
- Cultural Visit to Sommarøy island
- Free time for lunch.
- Dinner included at the hotel.
- Trip to see the Northern Lights.

-  Breakfast at hotel and transfer to Kilpisjarvi.
-  Trip to Lyngen Fjord.
-  Free time for lunch.
-  We move on to Kilpisjarvi, where we stay the night.
-  Dinner included at the hotel.
-  Photographic Workshop on Northern Lights.

- Breakfast at the hotel in Kilpisjarvi.
- Free time to visit Lake Kilpisjärvi.
- Free time for lunch.
- Dinner at hotel.
- Trip to see the Northern Lights.


- Breakfast at hotel
- Photographic Safari around the area.
- Free time for lunch.
- Trip to Karesuando (northern Sweden).
- Dinner at Karesuvanto (Finland, different place to Karesuando)
- Trip to see the Northern Lights.

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Travel back to Tromsø and accommodation.
- Free time for lunch.
- Time for shopping.
- Dinner.
- Trip to see the Northern Lights.

- Flight departs.
- Arrive MÁLAGA
- End of our services

- The timetables laid out in the itinerary are approximate and may be subject to small changes.
- All nighttime activities to see the auroras are subject to weather conditions. The organizers are not responsible any cancellation of these activities which may happen if the weather conditions are unfavorable. It is understood that this is an issue that is beyond our control.
- The night trips to see auroras are very flexible and we offer the possibility of moving tens of kilometers in search of open skies if necessary.
- The average daytime temperature will be -2, so we recommend you go suitably prepared to withstand the weather conditions.
- Price per person in double room.

     Tromsø is a modern city in the Norwegian Arctic, where nature and culture always go hand in hand.  There are numerous attractions, from an aquarium , several museums to the northernmost botanical gardens in the world. It is also an ideal place to observe the majestic natural phenomenon of the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights.

Tromsø is located 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, and is the largest city in northern Norway. It is the place of choice for those people who want to catch a long-awaited sight of the aurora borealis, during a timeframe every year between September and March. However, your chances of seeing the northern lights depend on how clear the sky is and the amount of solar activity, so they are difficult to predict. From May 20 to July 20 the midnight sun shines, making it possible to enjoy a variety of activities for 24 hours.

        Among other events, Tromsø hosts the International Film Festival of Tromsø and the Northern Lights Festival. Both are very popular with visitors from all around the world. For lovers of the outdoors, the center of Tromso is just a stone?s throw from areas of unspoilt wilderness, offering excellent opportunities for activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking and dog sledding.

         The city is also known for its lively nightlife and a wide range of restaurants specializing in fresh Arctic ingredients. Tromsø's multicultural community, which includes more than 100 different nationalities, work hard to satisfy the visitors? palates, and there are many pizzerias and grills in the city.

      Human settlements in the area of ??Tromsø date back thousands of years, although the city itself was founded about 200 years ago. Tromsø became the hunting centre in the Arctic the early 1900s and was the starting point for expeditions to the Arctic, hence its nickname, 'The Gates to the Arctic'.

      Kilpisjärvi is a place where you will enjoy some peace and quiet near the Arctic Ocean. On the northernmost Finnish lands, an untouched natural landscape of lakes, where herds of reindeer roam free. Kilpisjärvi, located northwest of Lapland, is a town of under one hundred permanent inhabitants, which attracts tourists throughout the year. This is a land of legends with landscapes that will take your breath away.

     Karesuando is the northernmost town in Sweden on the Muonio River on the border with Finland. On the Finnish side of the river is the Finnish town of Karesuvanto. According to Finnish tradition they are one and the same town, but usually they are considered different in that there is a national border between them (although both are called Karesuvanto in Finnish). Finnish is traditionally spoken in the area and the border was drawn for political reasons in 1809. Later, cultural and language differences have grown due to schooling in different languages and the influence of the church.

      This is a land of huge open spaces where you can travel long distances seeing nothing but unspoiled and unique scenery.

    It is extremely important to be aware of what we are talking about; a trip to the Arctic where the temperature is very low. Our experience tells us that the reality is much more bearable because everything is so well-prepared there. In any case, that does not mean we do not make special and repeated emphasis on the need to bring plenty of warm clothing, especially shoes, hiking boots and several pairs of thermal socks, tights, leggings, ... etc.

    You can hire warm clothing as a complement to your Tromsø trip. We have a contact with a shop that hires specialized clothing to enjoy the northern lights in fully warm and snug clothes.

     Do not forget your camera and if possible bring an extra battery. Remember that at low temperatures batteries are less efficient and the battery runs down much faster than under normal conditions.

     Here you have a list of ?must haves?:

* Warm clothes, including thermal tights and shirts, leggings, jackets and ski trousers.

* Hiking boots and thermal socks.

* Hats and balaclavas if possible. Scarves and fleece neck warmers. Gloves !!

* Windbreaker.

* Extra batteries for the camera.

* Tripod or mini tripod.

In any case, remember that if you do not have these clothes you can hire them as a supplement when booking.

  • Return flights from Madrid to Tromso with stopovers in Oslo.
  • Accommodation.
  • Half board: breakfast and dinner are included daily.
  • Transport on vehicle adapted for snow.
  • Assistance from a specialized scientifically trained monitor.
  • Workshop on night photography.
  • Photo tour around the island of Sommarøy.
  • Daily trips to see the northern lights (weather permitting)
  • Transfer to starting point and end point of the trip.
  • Kayak tour on lake Kilpisjärvi.
  • Additional travel insurance.
  • Lunches
  • Any expenses or concept not included in the "including" section.
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