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Would you like to enjoy a special night observing the dark sky through a high quality telescope? Would you like to go into the wonders of the cosmos?Click here for further information.

Astroandalus offers exclusive stargazing session for couples, group stargazing experience, astrophotography workshops and northern lights and eclipses tours. Are you driven to delight?

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Stargazing session. Málaga (ANDALUSIA)

1 Day / from 50€

Enjoy a night of stargazing with telescopes in the mountains around Málaga.

Travel to: Alfarnatejo
Departures from: Malaga, Torremolinos

Departures days:

Next departure: 30/11/1999

Private StarGazing Session. Córdoba (Andalusia)

1 Night / from 260€

At the foot of the Sierra Morena mountains, which feed the great river Guadalquivir, awaits the town of Montoro brimming with culture and its clear, starry night sky.

Travel to: Montoro
Departures from: Montoro

Departures days:

Next departure: 30/11/1999

Astrophotography workshop. Andújar (ANDALUSIA)

1 Day / from 85€

If you like nature photography, please do not hesitate to complete your stay in Sierra de Andujar with a night of astronomical photography. Learn how to handle your equipment to be able to capture breath-taking starry scenes.

Travel to: Andújar
Departures from: Andujar

Departures days:

Next departure: 18/11/2017

Tour. Tiedra Astronomical Centre. Castilla y León.

3 Nights / from 690€

Discover the natural and cultural wonders that this remarkable area has to offer and lose yourself in the imposing dark sky that appears at nightfall.

Travel to: Tiedra
Departures from:

Departures days: Lunes

Next departure: 30/11/1999

Fire in the Sky. February 2018

6 Nights / from 2295€

25th February until 3rd March 2018. The magic of the aurora borealis, an adventure in the far north of Europe.

Travel to: Tromso
Departures from: Malaga

Departures days:

Next departure: 25/02/2018

Stargazing session. Cazorla (ANDALUSIA)

1 Day / from 55€

Discover the spectacular night sky of the largest protected nature reserve in the Iberian Peninsula.

Travel to: Cazorla
Departures from: Cazorla

Departures days:

Next departure: 30/11/1999

Private StarGazing Session. Andujar (Andalusia)

1 Night / from 230€

In days gone by it was the place where bandits and outlaws sought refuge, the immensity of the Sierra de Andújar Nature Reserve will surprise you. This is a place for you to indulge in the countryside and to enjoy the amazing night sky.

Travel to: Andújar
Departures from:

Departures days: Sábado

Next departure: 30/11/1999

Private StarGazing Session. Seville (Andalusia)

1 Night / from 230€

Can you imagine a romantic evening watching the stars through a telescope in the heart of the Sierra Morena Starlight Reserve? Come to Cazalla de la Sierra in Seville, and have a very special night.

Travel to: Cazalla de la Sierra
Departures from: Cazalla de la Sierra

Departures days:

Next departure: 30/11/1999

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