Stargazing session. Málaga (ANDALUSIA)

Enjoy a night of stargazing with telescopes in the mountains around Málaga.

Price: 50€ (price per person)
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Destinations: Alfarnatejo

Type of trip: Activities, Astronomical Tourism

Far away from Malaga, in the mountains of the Axarquia region, a truly spectacular night sky awaits. Sign up for one of our activities to observe the night sky by means of astronomical telescopes.

A bus departs in the evening from Torremolinos and Málaga for the village of Alfarnatejo. Once we arrive at the observation point, our monitors and telescopes will be ready to help you enjoy a night of observation that will make your imagination fly among planets, nebulae and galaxies.

Finally, we will return to the departure point.



  • 17:30h - Hotel Pez Espada (Torremolinos).
  • 17:45h - Hotel Cervantes (Torremolinos).
  • 18:00h - Hotel Don Pedro (Torremolinos).
  • 18:30h - Hotel Barceló/Málaga Train Station.
  • 18:45h - Málaga Town Hall.

19:45h - Arrival at the observation point. Time to have dinner before or during the activity.

20:00h - Start of stargazing session.

23:00h - End of stargazing session and return.

We also offer an optional picnic box to have dinner at the observation point before or during the activity (9€). Please, ask for it when booking the activity.

The timetable established in the itinerary is approximate and may be subject to minor changes.

This is a group activity, the minimum group to carry out the activity is 18 people.

Alfarnatejo is a small village north of the Axarquía, located 925m above sea level and surrounded by imposing mountains, giving it the popular denomination of The Pyrenees of the South. Nature lovers could enjoy its spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful gorges or the fertile slopes.
Whatever the season, we recommend bringing comfortable shoes and suitable clothes, incluiding warm clothes because the temperature will be low, even in summer. In addition, in summer it is advisable to bring long trousers because mosquitoes can be a problem. It is advisable to carry a blanket or a mat to enjoy the activity comfortably.
In case of having a SLR camera, we recommend bringing it with a tripod.
But above all we recommend that you come eager to enjoy yourself and learn a lot.

40 kilometers away from Málaga and 900m above sea level, we found one of the most suitable places of the Costa del Sol for a Stargazing observation. In the mountains of the Axarquía, a clear dark sky awaits you to enjoy spectacular views of The Milky Way.

- Transfer by bus to the observation site.

- Star Gazing Observation using high quality astronomical telescope.

- The support of a monitor during the star gazing observation.

- Souvenir astrophotography session or a time-lapse recorded during the activity.

- Transfer back to the departure point.

- Transport to the collection point.

- Dinner (optional picnic 9€).

- Any expenses or concept not included in the "including" section.

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